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The Final Mr. Man

  1. I finished carving all the head on the 4-axis CNC. Because the CNC wasn't able to get into the little horns, I went in with the dremmel to carve out the original shapes. Also for the ones that had supports, I sanded them down with the dremmel and then used sand paper before applying tung oil.

2. I then cut some mustaches on the CNC. It took a few tries to get the supports right so that it didn't effect how they looked on the front, but once i adjusted the supports to be on the side, they were easy to sand down and looked really nice on the front. The one problem was that I couldn't scale the mustache and heads proportionally, so I did my best to use the dremmel and shape them to the heads. I then just glued them on the heads.

3. Then came sewing the leather. This time I bought thinner leather which worked so much better for sewing and turning inside out. However, it took many failures until I realized I needed to change the presser foot of the sewing machine to a walking presser foot so that the leather didn't bunch up. Once I fixed this, sewing the leather was so easy! I also want to note that I use staples and hot glue to "pin" the leather since traditional sewing pins don't work with leather.

4. To attach the heads I actually used hot glue, when experimenting with early models I found that this was actually very strong. To cover up that seam I used trimming that looked like and elizabethan color (also attached with hot glue). I did struggle to make the seams of the collar line up cleanly...


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