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Modeling: Mr. Man (not official name)

Turn-around sketches of Mr. Man:

- stiff fabric body

- wooden head and pin legs

- fabric details such as the collar, mustache, maybe a tie?

In class I determined the rough size to be ~8-9 Inches tall (like a mic).

Based off my drawing, I modeled the head with THIS terracotta air dry clay (which kind of sucked and I wished I had used something that didn't dry so fast)

I then grabbed some scrap fabric I had and roughly drew out the body shape I wanted. and sewed! I realized that if I wanted a rounder shape it may require me to sew 3-4 pieces to achieve a more spherical body shape.

I didn't have a really good way of securing the head, but held together, I could see the general shape or mr. man come together!

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