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Mr Man coming to life

Note: My wood has not yet arrived, but I will be doing the final head out of oak!

1. I started my ironing a piece of white cotton to create my Elizabethan collar. The pleating actually worked much better than I had imagined, but as shown in the final picture, revealed too much of the neck, I think the trick will be a different kind of fabric.

2. I then cut out the shape for the body (which is a little unpuroptional to the head, because this head was the smaller prototype). I realized after last week that using leather might be the best solution to get the natural, folky feel I wanted while still having an elevated look. However, this white leather that I first tried was too think to be turned inside out and also caused problem with the stitching.

3. I found a thinner brown leather that I think still think matched the look I wanted and sewed using the same template as before. As compared to last week, I used a more natural colored thread vs. a bright white thread which I think looks a bit nicer.

4. I sewed the pieces together, stuff them and put on the head and the elizabethan collar with hot glue. There are still A LOT of issues that I am going to iron out this week:

1) the elizabethan collar look bad and needs to me more full so that it really covers the


2) The head need to be the correct species of wood

3) I have not yet figured out a solution for the mustache I wanted coming out of his

nose; I am thinking of using embroidery floss, but I want it too look really hairy and

not like embroidery floss.

4) The stitches from the seams of the doll show too much; the solution here is to source thinner leather

5) FEET! I also wanted him to sit on his butt (maybe weights) and then have little peg legs sticking out

6) I realized I forgot to photograph this, but the bottom seam of the leather was tough to sew because the gap was so large (another reason why thinner leather would be helpful)

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