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Video Mirror

I tried to create a psychedelic sort of filter because that's where the kaleidoscope effect immediately takes me. I would've liked to make the color changing and smooth blending of colors but couldn't find a way that really worked for me.

The Light Surgeons:

I started with a sort of random search for this type of artist. In my personal artistic journey I just imagine making "cool things" one day that other people get to experience. When I came upon The Light Surgeons' work I kind of found that niche genre of interactive art I enjoy. It was really satisfying to find out how diverse their work was. They do everything from stage design to museum installations. As someone who feels a little aimless in this field I was excited to see the many ways they could apply their visual art skills. I wouldn't say I was attracted to their particular aesthetics, but was generally inspired by how many different ways interactive/live media art could be applied in the physical world.

Articulated was one of the Light Surgeons' installation pieces (not live). But I was particularly attracted to the mixed media approach they took in this exhibition. I love the idea of bringing together the physical and the technological aspects in this form art. The way they presented their work seemed to really immerse their viewers into a unique multi-media experience. In general, their use of projection mapping was really strong and definitely encourages me to experiment more with it.

The Light Surgeon's also did some work with live performance, specifically concerts. I am extremely interested in this sort of stage design because it allows multi-media artists to collaborate with musicians.

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