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Visual Performance Reflection

In general I was happy with how our performance turned out in the amount of time that we had to work on it. I really liked the idea that we decided on. We struggled with finding time to rehearse, which I don't think hurt us too bad, but it would have made me feel a little bit more confident in the live performance. The hard part was manipulating so many different video clips because it was a lot for max to handle. I wish we had done more research up front about playing/manipulating videos so we could've saved some time working on the max patch. We wanted more action and had originally had the videos jumping around the screen along with the drum beats, but our max became so slow that we couldn't play with that effect. I do love the moving idea though, so in the future I would like to play around more with that as well as learn how to utilize videos more effectively.

The collaboration process was made a little easier because at some times we were able to meet in person. It was a little hard for me at first because I felt I wasn't as adept as my partner. But it ended up being very helpful for me, as I learned a lot from them and they were willing to explain a lot of their process to me. Sarah taught me a lot about Ableton. In general going over topics we've learned the last couple weeks was extremely helpful in reinforcing max concepts. I think we worked great together. If there was anything we could've improved upon it was probably planning and coming up with a cohesive idea before starting to work. It was challenging when we discovered that multiple videos would run slowly only the day before the performance. I think next time just starting a little earlier with testing out ideas would be smart.

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