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Experimental Audio

I began with a search for installation artists that use generative sounds. Personally I am drawn to interactive experiences rather than watch a singular musician create the sound. This installation, "light contacts", created by couple artists Gregory Lasserre and Anais met den Ancxt (work under the name Scenocosme), invites its audience to make physical connections and "question the perception of the other". Their instrument is designed to detect people's electrostatic activity and turn it into "music" or generative sounds. These sounds can change based on the amount of people and what physical activity they are doing. They point out that when only one person is touching the instrument, there is no sound; human connection is key to their instrument.

I have no idea how they created this instrument, but I am really inspired by their motivation to use their audience as the creator's, that way it's not only a listening experience for them but also a creating experience. When I am a part of an audience, I love interacting more than just watching. The immersive experience creates a much more personal feel. Light contacts was placed outside in a public place which I think invited more people to engage and also engage with people they might not know.

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