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Paula Sher

The thing that stood out most to me was Paula Sher's diverse style. She's an artist that doesn't have to stick to one aesthetic, instead her style is her technique in dealing with symbolism and typography. This is really interesting because many artists struggle with finding their unique aesthetics. I feel that if Paula was introduced to this idea she would laugh because each of her projects radiated an entirely unique visual language. Her work is also fascinating because it is everywhere and has shaped almost everyone's lives in some way. This means not all of her work is necessarily a visual art, rather her process is the art.

I particularly liked when she discuss how "easy" logo design was. She said it's not about the design, "it's convincing a million people to use it". I think this makes the designer's dilemma apparent: there's always a client. Her job is to convince people she is the expert and her art is good. In contrast, she works on her personal art and map-making in a realm where clients don't exist. She can escape that realm and focus on the roots of her design passion.

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