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The Secret Life of Color

I will admit that this podcast was not easy for me to listen to, probably because it was a podcast and not TV show. I expected her to speak more about color theory and the more scientific aspects of color, but instead she spoke more about the historical and social origins or color, which I actually found more interesting. When she mentioned that color definition also depends where you are in the world. I found it really strange until she explained that each society could have their own meanings behind each color and how their specific cultures affected their meaning. In one example, she explained that pink was once associated with males rather than females because of its proximity to red which represented strength and leadership. While boys were associated with pink, girls were associated with blue because the virgin Mary was often depicted in a baby blue shades throughout the art of that time period. This really fact really stuck with me since I've been on various art gallery tours in Europe where there's only paintings of Mary and Jesus. I obviously found these paintings quite boring since I've seen so many of them, but I distinctly remember that baby blue, so learning this actually helped me to understand what I had seen before. It was also powerful when she spoke about the creation of green. The color itself literally killed people that were obsessed with its beauty which plays out like an obscure fable.

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