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Sketchbook: The Bridge

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

In my own life, I have found the internet to be extremely beneficial. This vast network as allowed instant communications and a version of sharing that was never possible before, especially the sharing of culture. And as a bi-racial person, this sharing of ideas has contributed to my life in numerous ways. First, I like to think about my mom who uprooted her whole life in Korea [and Singapore] to move to the United States. None of her family lives here either, so the jump was particularly huge for her. While the internet was in its very early developing stages at this time, instant communication through telephones was very prominent. Telephones allowed her to maintain contact with and not lose touch with her family. But the internet has offered her even more: she can Facetime, send emails, watch Korean television and so forth. For my mom, the internet is a bridge to her home.

For me, the internet has provided an infinite about of resources for me to connect with my culture. While I can’t always physically be immersed in Korean culture, I can come in contact with it because of the internet. I feel that if I didn’t have this vast network, I would not have the same appreciation that I do now for my mom’s culture.

In general, the internet has helped diversify our global culture and allowed for these cultures to be exposed. Collaboration to all degrees is important when working towards a common goal. The more we can understand each other's cultures, the more we can communicate efficiently.

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