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Sketchbook: More Hands

Updated: Jan 17

I am still an infant in the world of programming, barely crawling. It’s a scary topic to me and at times extremely overwhelming, but I see the power that it contains. I think that is why sometimes computation can be so overwhelming is that I know how much control I will have once I master it. As a hands on artist, I see computation as a means to take all art to the next level whether that’s the art’s meaning, application, or accessibility. In my own hard I hope to harness the power of computation to expand my own imagination. How I can take the world we live in and manipulate it or how can I create my own world?

I haven't yet thought about how specifically technology could help my art, but I did recently visit the Artechouse installation in Chelsea. The mission of the company is to showcase artists that combine technology and science with art to make it more immersive. I heard that and thought that’s literally what I’m learning! Refik Anadol is the current artist displaying at the space. He created a machine learning program that pulls hundreds of millions of photos of New York from the public web. Ultimately he created a changing landscape that showed and meshed images from the past and present to provide a more in-depth understanding of the society we inhabit. I love his motivation to create this because he breathes life into the city to show everyone how it has evolved through time.

I’m not sure yet what I will end up doing, but I hope that technology gives me the power to move as many people as I can. I do have one dream of working as an imagineer at Disneyland. It’s cheesy, but I’m one of the biggest Disney fans and not just because the movies. I admire the artistic vision behind the imaginary world. How each artist, creator and worker is dedicated to giving each visitor an other-worldly experience. My dream is that the power of technology and computation can help me give other people the same (or maybe even better) experience I was raised with. I think computation will add that element of magic to my work someday, but it also gives me more hands to touch more lives.


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