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Sketchbook: Art 4 Feelings

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

As artist the mission is simple: represent your interpretation of the world. This mission to investigate our society and surroundings forces us to look beyond physical barriers. People don’t just sit in the park to sit, they sit in the park because they enjoy the music, the smell of grass, the peaceful feeling it gives them. Art gives us the power to represent these feelings in an obtainable form. We are trying to derive how society shapes us and through art we can present it to our audiences.

Now that digital photography, or any form of digital analog, exist there’s the power for art and images to remain. Not only can they exist, they are permanent, and infinite in lifespan. The power of art and images is now greater than ever. They can be spread and shared in an instant. An idea can be spread within seconds.

It can be beneficial in many circumstances. All these different interpretations add depth to society. It can be confusing, however, for audiences. Which interpretation is right? Which one do I collude to? But the right question for audience should be “What is my own interpretation?”. Audiences should be inspired, not trapped by these different interpretations. Everyone will have a different representation of what they see. The digital world is important in making those ideas accessible, so another person may be reached and influenced.

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