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Ilse Crawford

Many parts of this episode really resonated with me. For one I really appreciated her attention to the emotional and psychological effects of design specifically in a physical space. I love that her first step in the design process is spending time with her client and trying to gain an understanding of how the space she designs will affect their lives. Obviously this is extremely important when designing for others. Designers can make decisions purely based on aesthetic, but then a lot of important details would be overlooked. And I think that's a mistake that non-designers and designers both make sometimes is that they overlook the core of interior design. Sometimes that process works for people (making art and then observing the effects later) but it really depends on what you are creating.

Personally I've always been drawn to design in physical spaces because I want to affect other people and the spaces that we live in have a powerful impact on us. It's always been pretty clear that humans spend a lot of time in structures or some sort of designed space, but I was shocked when Crawford mentioned at the beginning that we spend approximately 87% of our lives in buildings. This percentage just stresses how important physical design is. I say physical design because interior design and architecture go hand-in-hand in creating the world we live our lives in.

I also appreciated that Ilse had a passion for sharing her thoughts. She didn't have a desire to keep her ideas to herself because she truly wants people to live comfortable lives. I think her IKEA line also shows this idea that anyone can incorporate good design into their lifestyles. Although I did research her book a little and they are now over $100 just because they are rare, but nonetheless she is very open about her process and theory.

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