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Es Devlin

I was immediately drawn into this episode. One of the first things she mentioned was empathizing with "17-year-olds" that struggle with finding their creative paths. I find myself in the position she once found herself in. This episode was really a realization for myself. I love working in the physical world and would love to find an intersection between media arts visuals and physical building. I am also excited by her venture in the musical and fashion world. Without being a literal musician or fashion designer, she gets to aid them in their artistic expression. And that collaboration is a very special aspect. She gets to grow and reflect off of other people's ideas (not always).

I also love that her art gets to be viewed by so many people and from so many different perspectives. It adds another layer to her job as an artist. As opposed to hanging a piece in an installation and somewhat forcing a certain perspective, she has to be ready for her art to be viewed from any angle.

Her approach to this art is also very inspiring. She saw a trend in the early 2000's that kept this realm of art so restricted. She literally wants to step out (or into) the box. It's inspiring to see an artist that is really just having fun and playing around but able to make it into a career. It goes along with the idea that if you truly are passionate about your work, others will recognize and want to work with you.

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