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Sketchbook: Brainstorming

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

We’ve spent the last six weeks learning new technology, skills, and information. How do you take all of that as your input and come out with a unique and interesting project?

Brainstorming can oftentimes be the most frustrating phase of a project. I’ve spent days looking for inspiration until I finally felt that spark that excites my creativity. I think it was also easy to throw ideas because of preconceived notions or worries of outside opinion. When there are parameters set by a program, school, etc. it can feel so limited. But those parameters can also be viewed differently. More parameters and rules required more creative solutions; a harder brainstorming process, but more creative.

As we progress with our studies in computer programming, a medium that is entirely new to me, my new process has consisted of creating lists of the first/stupidest ideas that come to mind. I try not to think about the parameters of the project. Instead it’s almost a reversed process. I will think of something I want to create, anything, and then I look back to the Arduino or P5 and think about how I can create my ideas through these programs.

It’s also important to me to be consistent with creativity. Dry spells of creativity are frustrating. I’m someone that always has to stay busy or my mind will overflow. So when big ideas seem hard I revert back to my crafty roots. Recently, I began knitting a scarf. A simple project anyone can approach. But I’m still creating and making something with my hands. This project serves as a physical activity, but it also helps me to sit down and focus. I can think more clearly. While I’m doing a creative project, such as my knitting, I’m thinking about the next creative project I want to do. It’s a creative cycle that helps me to keep creating. Sometimes there are too many ideas, but that’s a much lesser problem that coming up with ideas.

Here are my ideas!

1. Moving eyeball that tracks people through a sensor

2. Fortune teller projected on-to a ball that is triggered when someone walks in front of it

3. “Type in your biggest fear” everyone's fears will be projected on a screen?

4.Take a candy from the bowl and a ghost falls from the ceiling

5.“Black box” create 1 person black curtain box, they are instructed to close their eyes and audio horror story plays so it sounds as if someone is approaching or chasing them

6. (inspired by David’s idea) Scary madlib, people type in according to instructions, at the end the final stories are projected

7. A wearable witch hat that plays scary witch laughs when put on

8. A book that when opened reads a scary story from “scary stories in the dark”

9. Clown head that does the joker laugh when his nose is squeezed

10. Butchered body parts in meat packaging. When button is pushed the parts start moving (fingers parts, etc)

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