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Production: Slap on the Wrist

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

The Basics

Initial Breadboard

Below is the setup of a basic analog input to a digital output. In this case the input is a light sensitive sensor and the output is an LED light. The goal was to create a whacky use of the analog/digital I/O. My idea was to use a stretch sensor that would turn a speaker tone when pulled. I used this sensor, attached it to a wrist so that when that person reached for ice cream, the “alarm” would go off warning them not to eat the ice cream.

Stretch Sensor

In place of the light sensor, I simply wired the stretch sensor into the breadboard. In the code I defined the sensor as A0 because it was the analog input. I had to check the serial monitor and program the speaker to turn on when the monitor read less than 220, or the stretch sensor was being pulled to its extent.


I connected the speaker in the same ports as the LED light with the same resistor. I defined the speaker as port 4 on the digital output. In the if statements, the speaker went in digitalWrite. So when the sensor was pulled the speaker would turn on.


I had trouble getting a non-scratchy sound from the speaker when the stretch sensor wasn’t being pulled. After some tinkering and playing around with the wires, the speaker sound finally cleared up. However, I wasn’t sure how to edit the tone of the speaker or the amplitude so the sound was quieter than anticipated.

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