IMA Logo Redesign


Summary: graphic design, typography, marketing, Adobe Suite
Role: Graphic Designer
Date: November, 2020


My task was to redesign the IMA (interactive media arts logo) to be more encompassing of the the programs developing identity.


The IMA logo is used mainly for marketing purposes both online and in print. The challenge is making sure the logo displays a relationship with the program, rather than just plain typography.


I began by brainstorming all the attributes of the IMA program. A few of the popular ones were technology, innovation, collaboration, creative. Because IMA encompasses so many different factors I tried to base my design off of these few attributes that I think stand out as the core ideals of the program.

The next challenge was deciding how to balance iconography and typography. Because IMA is an innovative and modern program, I wanted to keep the design relatively simple with less iconography. In turn the typography would have more character and color would play a bigger role.


The result was creating a custom pixel font. The pixel font captures the technology and media aspects of the IMA program. In terms of composition, I played around with the placement of the characters but found that this staircase arrangement was the best representation of the collaborative aspects of IMA. Lastly, I played around with color. I did do an iteration with NYU’s classic purple and white color palette, but to differentiate the program more, I wanted something more unique. I played off of the three primary colors (red, yellow, and blue), but altered them slightly to have different hues.