Expressive Typography


Summary: graphic design, typography, animation, Adobe Suite
Role: Graphic Artist
Date: October, 2020


Create three expressive words. Each should be a single word and the form of the letters and their placement relative to each other should communicate the meaning of the word intuitively.


I wanted to keep the designs simple but I still wanted there to be some subtle imagery. I also wanted all three animations to be somewhat cohesive, so keeping a simple aesthetic between all three helps me accomplish that. 


Buzz: The key image that came to mind was a bee's flight path or the little swirl you often see in children's books. After animating the word along that path, I realized it was still missing some elements. I added in some random spacing so that it felt more natural as well as a small vibration to replicate the actual movement of a bee. 















Focus: For "focus" I thought of a magnifying glass. However, because I wanted to stick to the simple aesthetic, I had to think of how I could accomplish the magnifying glass effect without an actual image. Instead I shifted to think more about how a camera has a small focus point and ended up using a masking to create my animation. 

Blow: There were a few images that came to mind for this word, but I thought that bubblegum could be best used to my advantage in terms of animation. I simply turned the text pink and had it expand into the shape of a bubblegum bubble.