NYC Parking Sign


Summary: graphic design, Adobe Suite
Role: Designer
Date: September, 2020



My task was to redesign New York City's confusing parking sign. 


The sign had to be understandable for a wide audience including not only english speakers but speakers of foreign language. It also had to be fairly simple because often times while driving it can be hard to read a detailed sign. 


  • what information can be omitted?

  • what parts of the sign need to be prioritized?

  • How can I simplify?

I knew that I wanted a majority of my sign to be iconographic so that it could be better understand by a wider audience. Because the sign essentially spelled out timetables, I thought it would be best to make vertical graph-like icons that clearly mapped out when you can and cannot park.

Another important part of this process was eliminating unnecessary components to simplify for drivers. The most important part was understanding when you can and can't park, so I omitted the original text that explained when the streets were being cleaned. Ultimately it was saying that parking was not allowed before 8 AM​.